Joshua Stewart was born in the summer of 1995. He lives with his beautiful wife and two gorgeous children in central Texas. He acquired a degree in land surveying and worked full time as a land survey apprentice for 6 years. He loves the artistic side of map making that land surveying offers as well as the daily treks across the vast Texas countryside with its limestone cliffs, sparkling creeks, and rolling hills. The Texas springtime was always a favorite during his fieldwork days. The landscape would come to life in dazzling display of colorful Texas wildflowers. He spends a lot of time painting along the Brazos River and neighboring farms and ranches. His passion for fine art calls him on frequent art trips to destinations such as Arizona, New Mexico and Montana. He grew up admiring the work of Texas artist Martin Grelle, James Reynolds and Bill Anton. His love for the West inspires his paintings with dramatic light, large skies and vast landscapes, and best of all, the working cowboy.